Look before auto electrical repairs turn into an expensive affair

What do you do when you fall ill? “Visit the doctor immediately”, right? Yes, any prudent person would do so as negligence can lead not only to the deterioration in your health but also increased treatment costs in the future.

So, we need to think in the same way about the health of our vehicles as well. While noticeable damages such as windshield, dent, etc., are repaired quickly, mistakes or faults pertaining to the auto electrical system of our vehicle often stay out of our attention.

And once they rise to an extent where a breakdown is an ultimate outcome, the result can really prove costly. Though, there are workshops which render all kinds of auto electrical repairs in Dandenong at low prices, staying cautious can save your valuable time.

Maintain Auto Electrical System with Effective Tips

  1. Cleaning: Battery cables, connection points, and alternator are susceptible to dirt and rust, which can be avoided with regular cleaning.
    1. Disconnect the battery terminals (Negative side first)
    2. Clean the posts using special fluids and a wire brush
    3. Re-connect the terminals(Positive side first)

  2. Position: Wires of the charging system must be properly mounted on the designated brackets as loosely mounted components can lead to interruptions in the flow of electricity.
  3. Condition: Check the belt drive for cracks, dryness and glazing. If you see any signs for the same, get the belt replaced, at the centre for auto electrical repairs in Dandenong. Also, inspect the tension of the belt with the help of appropriate belt tension gauge. Document of manufacturer’s specifications has details of the tension requirements.
  4. Distance: At times, try not to turn on the AC and music system, simultaneously with the engine. Keep a distance of few minutes between them to reduce the load on the engine.
  5. Replace: If the battery of your car has spent some 3 to 4 good years with you, it’s time to get it tested, as it might have to be replaced for smoother driving experience.

Indicators of Auto Electrical Repairs

  1. Vehicle not starting as easily and quickly as it used to.
  2. Occurrence of clicking sound on turning on the ignition.
  3. Dim headlights or brake lights.
  4. A smell of melting plastic or electrical insulation.
  5. These are just some of the ways by which you can know that a malfunction has taken place in the electrical system of your car. But, instead of depending on them, you should get the regular servicing of your vehicle done at the trustworthy workshop.

    If you are still unaware of such place, visit us, as we offer excellent services for repairing and replacing various components of cars, 4WDs, as well as light commercial vehicles. For the cars of a superior brand, you can completely rely on us, as we are referred to as the “Audi Specialist” and “Specialist in European Cars” in Dandenong.


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