Car Air Conditioning & Heating

Our wide range of services include:

  • Car air conditioning servicing
  • Installation of systems new & refurbished
  • Leak testing
  • Compressor service new & exchange remanufactured
  • Diagnosing & fault finding
  • Flushing air conditioning systems
  • Air conditioning anti bacteria treatment
  • Hoses & pipes repaired & manufactured
  • Retro-fitting A/C systems
  • Condensers/receiver drier filters/TX valves plus


A long time in the automotive industry not only helps us bring experience, but a great deal of suppliers and contacts, giving a large choice of parts being after market or genuine.

Our parts include-

  • Compressors rebuilt or new and components
  • Damaged hoses and pipes remanufactured or repaired
  • Large range of receiver drier filters, expansion valves, condensers
  • Components supplied can also be fitted professionally

Reliable CAR AIRCONDITIONG & HEATING  Specialist in Dandenong.