EGR Cleaning Dandenong

We are the most trustworthy EGR cleaning service provider in Dandenong.If you wish to keep your engine in peak condition, you need to address clogging or system passages problem of the valve. Whether your vehicle has vacuum controlled or digital or non-digital electronic-vacuum controlled valve, we are competent to clean EGR valve. Rest assured.

Our mechanics are trained on all types of valves. If your engine idles erratically or stalls as it warms up, it means that the valve sticks open and continuous flow of exhaust gases enters the cylinders and disrupt the combustion process. If you observe tapping noise emanating from the engine, you must realize that valve sticks are closed or passages become clogged. In such case increase temperatures will, ignites fuel before the combustion.

By using right kinds of tools such as Ratchet, Ratchet extension, Socket set, Adjustable wrench, we remove carbon deposits from the surface, entry and exit ports on the valve, intake and exhaust ports and pipe.

By cleaning your EGR valve, we resolve your car’s engine performance issues and prevent serious engine damage.  By cleaning the EGR valve and passages as per car manufacturer’s recommendation, we save money and irreversible damage to your engine’s valve.