Intake System Manifold Dandenong

We are experts in resolving the failure of intake system manifold in Dandenong. By using the latest tools and techniques, our trained resolve the intake system manifold failure.

By carefully engineered design and orientation, Intake manifolds distribute either air or an air/fuel mixture from the carburettor to the cylinders. A partial vacuum created inside by the intake manifold can be used as climate control and brake boosters. Intake manifold fails only due to bad gaskets and cracked manifolds. In both cases, additional air enters the intake system and creates drivability issues. In a carburettor based vehicle, a cracked intake manifold or a gasket leak result into a poor or rough idle.

While in fuel-injected systems a cracked intake manifold creates extremely lean fuel mixture and a racing idle. Our experienced mechanics are continuously trained to handle manifold related problems in both carburettor based vehicle and in fuel-injected systems.

Apart from checking manifold and the gasket, we also check the vacuum lines and accessories. By using Manifold Vacuum as a diagnostic tool, we diagnose certain engine problems such as the burnt valve, incorrect valve and ignition timing and resolved immediately. Our rate structure is competitive and transparent.